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Services: Field ServicesThe SVACA Field Services Team provides animal control field services to the cities of Campbell, Monte Sereno, Mountain View and Santa Clara. SVACA's services range from rescuing animals in distress to providing stray animals with emergency veterinary care. SVACA Animal Control Officers are available for emergency response 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

SVACA Animal Control Officers will:

  • Investigate animal abuse and neglect; 
  • Investigate animal bites; 
  • Investigate complaints concerning animals roaming at large and animals acting aggressively; 
  • Investigate dangerous dog complaints; 
  • Pick up stray animals that are confined; 
  • Patrol for stray roaming animals; 
  • Transport stray animals to emergency veterinary care if needed; 
  • Rescue animals in distress; 
  • Rescue and transport injured or sick wildlife; 
  • Loan traps to capture stray animals; 
  • Pick up owner surrender animals for a fee; 
  • Respond to an animal emergency 24 hours a day; 
  • Investigate animal limit laws; 
  • Investigate unsanitary conditions (excessive animal waste); 
  • Pick up dead animals.

Please call (408) 764-0344 to report any of the above.

NOTE: SVACA Animal Control Officers will not investigate animal noise complaints. Please contact your local police.

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